Montreal Music School – Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts, Pierrefonds, West Island

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Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts
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Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts

Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts
Learning about life through the Arts
4989 Boul des Sources, Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Quebec, H8Y3E3
Type Performing Arts, Music, Fine Arts School
Established 2008
Director Dr. Angela Chan
Campus Campus, Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Quebec
Colour(s) Burgundy and Beige
Mascot Amba the Lionness
Nickname Lambda School / Ecole Lambda
Affiliations West Island Examination Center for RCM Examinations
Information (514) 697-9991
Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts is a bilingual private school of music and fine arts and a venue for performances located in Pierrefonds-Roxboro in the West Island of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The languages of instruction are in English and French. Lambda was inaugurated on the 10th October 2008 by the mayoress of Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Madame Monique Worth and appointed representatives from the Chinese Embassy, Ottawa.

The mission of Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts is to provide a comprehensive education to learners of all ages and levels. Founded and conceived as a school of interdisciplinary learning of the arts with the intent of helping learners discover their artistic niche, Lambda offers a variety of artistic disciplines all under one roof. Disciplines offered include music, musical theatre, dance, painting, and photography. Lambda is headed by a panel of academic advisors who are university professors and seasoned experts and researchers in education and psychology, as well as a team of artists-in-residence to uphold the high artistic standard in musical performance. Lambda offers artistic education from the beginners’ level to concert artist level. Without a pre-auditioning process, students who are dedicated yet have not attained a significant level of accomplishment at an early age are able to receive artistic education from international calibre concert artists to reach their full artistic potential.

Artists-in-residence at Lambda School include an array of internationally renowned concert artists such as concert violinist Alexandre Da Costa, pipa and guzheng performer Liu Fang, and Montreal-Korean concert pianist Wonny Song who also serves as associate director and director of artists-in-residence.

Lambda’s faculty comprises of accomplished concert artists including Yoonjung Han, Tristan Lauber, Caroline Holden and others who are graduates from renowned institutions such as the Juilliard School of Music, Manhattan School of Music, Curtis Institute of Music, University of Montreal, McGill University, The Glenn Gould School and other major universities and conservatories.

Within two short years since its opening, a number of music students of Lambda, including prodigy pianist Xiaoyu Liu have already garnered major prizes in national competitions in Quebec. Performances by Lambda students have also been featured on PBS Mountain Lake television, Global TV and CBC Radio Canada.

The name Lambda is specifically chosen for a variety of reasons. In physics, the sign Lambda (uppercase Λ, lowercase λ) stands for wavelength. Through the wavelength of sounds, humans communicate through music. Through the wavelength of light, we communicate emotions through various colors in painting. Lambda is also the acronym for Learning of the Arts through the Mind and Body in the Discovery of Aesthetics.

Lambda School takes an innovative approach to musical and artistic education. It regularly presents masterclass series by renowned artist teachers to promote a high standard of musical performance for students in the Montreal community.

Lambda also hosts monthly pedagogical workshops presented by clinicians on performance-related topics to encourage discussion amongst members of the pedagogical community on topics including: performance practice, the circumvention of performance interferences and blocks[1], maximizing potential in the gifted music student [2], the effective use the body during practice and performance, and performance injury prevention through the Alexander Technique, and the Feldenkrais Method.

As an institution, Lambda School is highly supportive of other organizations of the arts and education in Quebec. Lambda School has been a proud sponsor of scholarships for the Montreal Classical Music Festival organized annually by the Quebec Music Teachers’ Association as well as the Lakeshore Chamber Music Society, while also offering an array of scholarships and bursaries to deserving students of the arts.

Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts is also the official examination centre for RCM Examinations in the West Island of Montreal commencing January 2011.

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Concert Hall
Recording Studio
Dance Studio
Group piano lab
Concert artist residence – appartment hotel / Faculty Lounge
Parents’ Lounge
Daycare Room
Painting studio
Digital Photography Studio
Music Library
Lambda Boutique
Strings Ensemble Room
Group guitar ensemble room
Conference Room
Parking Facilities


^ Chan, Angela P. Y. (2005). Blocking performance blocks : an interdisciplinary approach towards an exploratory study on musical performance blocks in “late arriving” pianists / Angela Po Yiu Chan. Concordia University ISBN 9780494163108.
^ Chan, Angela P. Y. (1995). The solo pianist : a critical analysis of concepts of musical giftedness/ Angela Po Yiu Chan. Concordia University ISBN 9780612051096.
Lambda School inauguration by Mayoress of Pierrefonds in October 2008 West Island Chronicle
Lambda School featured on the Suburban Newspaper
Lambda School featured on La Scena Musicale Magazine
Lambda School Make Over Camp as featured on McClean’s Magazine
Lambda School Associate Director Wonny Song Interviewed on La Scena Musicale
[edit]External links

Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts Official Website
Xiaoyu Liu, piano student of Lambda School winning major prizes in Quebec
Angela Chan, Founder and Director of Lambda School
Wonny Song, Director of Artists-in-Residence and Associate Director of Lambda School
Alexandre Da Costa Artist-in-Residence of Lambda School
[edit]Media links

Young piano students of Lambda featured on PBS Mountain Lake
Lambda School featured on CBC Television
Lambda School featured on Global TV
Lambda School Director and founder interviewed on Sino Quebec Chinese Television for Lambda’s Interdisciplinary Summer Camp and courses
Lambda Director featured on Discovery Channel on the discovery of innovative pedagogical approaches for gifted piano students


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